Machining Polysulfone – Why Choose This Plastic?

Polysulfone, known under several names, has particular properties that make it a good choice for machining plastic parts. It has become a popular choice for our clients and their applications.

What Is Polysulfone?

美女15分钟叫床声视频,男人将机机桶女人30分钟视频Machining polysulfone means you are working with a thermoplastic group containing both the polysulfones and a few members of the aromatics. The group is divided into four key members:

  1. Polysulfone
  2. Polyarylsulfone
  3. Polyethersulfone
  4. Polyphenylsulfone

At PEP Connecticut Plastics, we work with the thermoplastic resin polysulfone and other plastics exclusively to ensure our client’s parts receive its full benefits.

Advantages of Machining Polysulfone

美女15分钟叫床声视频,男人将机机桶女人30分钟视频Machining polysulfone for a particular component may be more costly than other plastics but worthwhile for other reasons, especially if clients like the look and feel, but not the fragility, of glass. Machining polysulfone is less expensive than glass and overall is described as being an engineering plastic featuring the following characteristics:

  • Low moisture absorption (hydrolysis resistance is high)
  • High strength
  • Low creep
  • High surface temperature limits of around 150 degree C
  • Good electrical properties
  • Transparency (unless reinforced to improve the materials toughness and stability)
  • Ability to self-extinguish due to low flammability
  • High oxidative stability
  • Excellent resistance to many acids, alkalis and non-polar organic solvents
  • Ability to endure and remain stable under various conditions including impact and load (deformation resistance)

While machining polysulfone provides components for many different industries and applications, it does have its niche.

Applications for Polysulfone

The electronic, automotive, communications, food processing, plumbing, appliance manufacturing, and water purification industries plus the medical and chemical fields all use polysulfone in various ways. The polysulfone components 美女15分钟叫床声视频,男人将机机桶女人30分钟视频 have made for clients include:

  • electronic parts
  • automotive parts
  • fiber optics
  • medical instruments requiring sterilization
  • medical filtration
  • chemical equipment
  • food processing
  • pipes and plumbing fixtures
  • home appliances

Machining Polysulfone

美女15分钟叫床声视频,男人将机机桶女人30分钟视频 requires skill and expertise. The staffs at PEP Connecticut Plastics ensure the components we produce are engineered to a high level of strength and stiffness blended with robustness and durability.